Projects Settings

  1. In the projects, you can see all the Open and Closed Projects. By Clicking on 'Go to Projects' next to project name, you will be landed on that project page.

  2. You can close the project by clicking on the three horizontal dots and selecting 'Close Project'. To reopen a project, go to closed projects and in the three horizontal dots, select 'Reopen Project'.

  3. By clicking on the bold fonts of 'Make Private' or 'Everyone'; the shared with permissions will be changed.

  4. You can edit Project Statuses, Task Type, Task Status, ERP Apps, Required Views by clicking on and in that area.

For example, To edit the Task type, Click on the task. You will see a popup to edit the tasks.

Add the task type, or choose your preferred template and then submit. Similarly, you can edit other status.

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