Chats & Channels

Chats & Channels in Alian Hub help users communicate within the company. Users can have 1:1 chat or can create channels for group conversation. Furthermore, the channels' permissions can be personalized per the channel requirements.

Users can share media files, links, and voice notes to enhance collaboration.

1:1 Chat

Create a Channel

There are two types of channels you can create on Alian Hub - Public Channel and Private Channel. Public channels will be visible to all the users of the company. On the contrary, Private channels will be visible to the selected or permitted members of the channels.

  1. Enter the name of the category and click on "Create Category". The category of the channel will be created.

  1. Now, add the name of the Channel in "Channel Name". You can select the icon for the channel from the "Icon" section's list. There are various pre-given icons for users to personalize their channel. Furthermore, you can also add an image to the channel instead of an icon.

  2. To add an image, click on "Upload" and select the file you want to upload.

  3. As mentioned above, you can make the channel Private or Public. The channel will be default set to Public. Swipe the Private channel button to the right to make the channel private. Click on the member icon in the "Only share with" section and add the members to your private channel.

  1. Users can also personalize permissions for sending messages in the channel. By checking to the right, you can allow members to send messages in the channel. Otherwise, check to the left to prevent members from sending messages to the channel.

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