5. Time Tracker Configuration

5.1 Time Tracker Setup

  1. Please make sure you have setup Alianhub before you setup time tracker. You need to verify that Npm (v9.6.7) and Node (v18.17.0) are installed for the relevant version in your system.

  2. Also, make sure that you install the correct version of Python before moving forward with Time Tracker. The required version of Python is v2.7.2. Download from Here.

Kindly check if Node is pre-installed in your system. If not, then you need to install it before running Step 1.

Reference to Node Installation:

  1. After checking the node version you need to create a .env file. For creating a .env file go to the Renderer folder in your project. As shown in the image below.

  1. Then in the renderer folder create file name .env.

Note: It is necessary to add '.' (dot in prefix in name of env variable). Make sure you add it.

  1. In that .env file add the variables as shown below.




You need to insert the APIURL, which corresponds to the APIURL listed in your Alian hub environment file. For the values of APP_MONGO_APP_ID and APP_MONGO_CONNECTION_URI, use the same values as MONGO_APP_ID and MONGODB_URL from your Alian hub environment file, respectively.

  1. After setup of your .env file you need to generate a build for time tracker.

First you have to install all the packages with the following command:

Command: 'npm install'

Then to generate a build, in your root folder hit the following command according to your OS.

Windows : 'npm run build'

iOS: 'npm run build:ios'

Linux: 'npm run build'

  1. After generating the build redirect to the dist folder. As shown in the image below.

  1. At dist folder application is generated and ready to install.

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