Project Details

The Project Details section shows the description of the project with its details on the right side. You will find all the necessary details of a project in that project's detail view.

  • Description - The Description of the project is written in this area. To add or edit the description, click on 'Add a Description...' ,enter the description and lastly save it.

  • Checklist - The checklist area helps in listing the required items for the project. To add items in checklist, click on '+' and type your item name and press enter.

  • Attachments - The Attachments contains the files related to the project that is accessible for download. You can download an attachment straight by clicking on the download icon on the file.

To add an attachment, simply click on '+' and upload the file. You can also do the same just by clicking in the attachment area. Click on 'See All' to view all the attachments like files or links related to that project.

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