List View

The List view shows the tasks to be done in the project. The tasks can be viewed with the statuses of the tasks lined vertically. For example, To Do, In Progress, Bug, In Review, Done, and closed.

View Task in Detail

On the right side of the panel, you can see and edit Status, Assignee, Reporter, Priority, Due Date, Start Date, End Date, and Estimated Hours.

On the left side you can see 4 columns. Task Detail, Comments, Activity Log and Time Log.

Task Detail - This column shows the details of the task. It also shows sub-tasks, descriptions checklists, and attachments.

Activity Log - This column shows the activity done in a task. It displays everything from the log of creation of the task to the completion of the task.

Time Log - This column shows the duration worked on a particular task or sub-task in detail. It has work description with log time and total worked time in a particular day or month.

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