4.7 SMTP Configuration (GMAIL)

This step involves a mail server or an email service provider that supports SMTP such as Gmail, Outlook, and SendGrid.

Step 1: Configure SMTP Service

Obtain the SMTP configuration details from your email service provider. You will need the SMTP host, port, and credentials (email and password) that you need to use for authentication and then add them in the form fields as shown below.

Step 2: Testing SMTP

After submitting the SMTP configurations an OTP mail is sent to the TO_EMAIL. Submit that OTP and on successful verification next step will begin, else you will be redirected to the previous step to change SMTP configurations.

If you do not understand about SMTP, we have provided more details below.

Please click on: https://www.cloudflare.com/en-gb/learning/email-security/what-is-smtp We have also provided some SMTP setup documents below

Here is the SMTP Testing tool so you can test


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