4.6.2 Paddle Configuration Add Domain

  1. Go to https://login.paddle.com/signup and create a new account in Paddle.

  2. Now go to Checkout > Website Approval

Here you need to add your domain for which you have generated the license, as provided in the below image

Note: you don’t have to include https://, www, or specific web pages.

Here you need to add a default payment link. You can use the below provided url by replacing YOUR_WEB_DOMAIN with your own web_domain_url

Example: https://YOUR_WEB_DOMAIN/#/checkout Get Tokens

Now for the further API requests to be handled by paddle, you need to generate an API_KEY and a Client-side Token. Get API Key

For the API key, you can directly get the API key as provided in the below image, as a default API key is already generated. And you can copy and set it in the Paddle API key form field. Generate Client-side Token

For the Client-side token, you need to generate a token manually as per below-provided steps

  1. Navigate to the Developer tools > Authentication. Now, click on generate a token.

  1. Enter the name and description of the token.

  1. Copy the generated token Add Webhook

For registering a webhook follow the below-provided steps.

  1. Navigate to the Notifications tab, and click on New Destination

  1. Select the events as shown in the image below. Customize Checkout page

You can customize your checkout page from Checkout > checkout settings tab and then click on Inline tab.

Note: The inline checkout is used in the app. So, in order to customize the checkout you need to make changes here only.

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